bean-paste bun/お饅頭

local sweet in Kagoshima prefecture 
steamed sweet bun made from grated yam and rice flour
filled with sweet bean paste
I wasn’t supposed to buy amberjack sashimi and fish , but ended up buying them. I ate the rest of yakitori for lunch.
I saw this fish for the first time.

oyster risotto/牡蠣のリゾット

oyster, onion, maitake mushroom, parmesan cheese, garlic
omelet(spinach, cabbage, onion,cheese, ham, egg
I didn’t buy anything at market today although I haven’t decided whether go back to my hometown over the New Year’s holiday. I should have bought some flowers at least !?

oyster dumplings/カキの餃子

another one  おかわり
Oysters are big so I didn’t use many green vegetables in this time and didn’t use cheese at all. I guess it’s better not to use cheese in this dish. Just simple is the best. Season the oyster with oyster sauce.
the rest of tofu, Chinese chive, bean sprouts, small amount of rice and egg
midnight snack thin sushi roll with fermented soybeans

It’s been a while to go Shinjuku/久しぶりの新宿

Chinese box lunch
I ate dinner at Asian restaurant in Shinjuku which produced by Indonesian hotel “Plataran”. It was the first time for me to eat nashi goreng(Indonesian fried rice), mi goreng(Indonesian fried noodles) and other dishes(which I can’t remember the name…We ordered dinner set meal and it was kind of them to serve us half&half of nashi goreng and mi goreng since I can’t decide which one take. I love Japanese food but also love other Asian food very much. These cuisine always give me energy.I’m so sorry didn’t take the photos.

fried oysters/カキフライ

I didn’t add any seasoning but all of seafood really made this soup delicious, so I will definitely make rice porridge. At first I was going to make kimchi hot pot but I changed my plan and made just simple Japanese hot pot, so will make kimchi hot pot soon using the rest of seafood and in fact had already bought some vegetables for that on Sunday…